Weddings and banquets


Litoral’ Restaurant features a unique fusion of several contemporary styles and design. White halls and glass columns create the elegant venue where you could get away from the din of a city. Enjoy the panoramic view of the city of Kyiv and the Dnipro River cased in glass on the floor.

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Getmanskyi luxury venue features a stunning interior of Hetmanship age, elite European and Ukrainian cuisine. Enjoy your time in great ambience, live music and a fresh culinary experience with house favorites.

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Kurin' outdoor terrace
Kurin' outdoor terrace

Indulge yourself on your outdoor terrace. It features an intimate tent, modern comfortable rattan furniture, grill menu and soft drinks. The outdoor terrace is the ideal for family lunch, business meetings and corporate events. Make your event a success!

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Lounge Bar Wild Wood
Lounge Bar Wild Wood

Enjoy the hospitality and the unique interior of Wild Wood Sports Bar/Lounge. Sounds of wild woods, comfortable sofas, Hokkah, music and live entertainment help you to relax. Also, it is a great bar catching live sports on TV: football, boxing, hockey etc.

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Are you looking for a perfect place to celebrate the wedding, birthday or cocktail party? Kozatskyi Stan Hotel and Catering Complex specializes in creating memorable events. It offers the cutting edge facilities and a level of service well beyond the expected. We have valuable resources and team of professionals to help with every detail of your occasion. Take the stress out of making your event a success. Pine woods, unique contemporary venue and fine cuisine guarantee you and your guests long remembered experience in celebrating with us! Picturesque pine woods and flower gardens help to relax and cheer up. Enjoy a walk down small paths, get a blow and indulge yourself in a nice garden arbor. When back, enjoy our fine cuisine and hospitality. Kozatskyi Stan Hotel and Catering Complex has a true sense of occasion. Your wedding, banquet or birthday party will be the most memorable event in your life.

Special Offers to the newly-weds:

  • Superior Suite as a GIFT!
  • free early check-in (till 12:00)*
  • free late check-out (till 18:00 next day)*
  • 5% discount on guests accommodation
  • free parking

* free early check-in and late check-out are subject to availability of rooms.

Select the most suitable venue to celebrate your wedding. We also have picturesque scenic space settled for wedding photography and ceremony itself.


  • Litoral’ venue, capacity 200 seats. Snow white space is for those who are tired of the city routine. The key feature of this space is the spectacular glass miniature on the floor. It feels like you are floating above the Dnipro River.
  • Getmanskyi venue, capacity 60 seats. The venue features a stunning luxury interior.
  • Dykyi Lis venue, capacity 40 seats. The space features the unique interior of wild woods.
  • Kurin’ outdoor terrace, capacity 80 seats. The venue is the ideal space for wedding in warm season.

Our venues feature European and national Ukrainian cuisine, cooked in Josper Charcoal oven. We help you plan every detail of your event and hold the perfect wedding. Get the professional assistance to arrange a ceremony, decoration and flowers, wedding cake, art music and entertainment. You could also book photography and videography for your wedding and/or rent a car with us.

tel:+38(044) 585-11-65, +38(044) 585-11-75